Tips to reduce digital eye strain

Our modern world places a great demand on our eyes with adults spending most of their waking hours staring at screens. The amount of time an adult spends looking at screens has increased dramatically over the last few years and it is no wonder our eyes are taking strain. The modern world is not about to change anytime soon so here are a few tips to reduce digital eyestrain.

1 – Give your eyes a break

Our eyes are able to focus on near objects due to a process called accommodation where the muscles inside the eye work to change the shape of the lens and focus an object sharply on the retina. Naturally if we are focusing up close for long periods of time, these muscles will take strain.

Take a few steps away from your PC and look in the distance. This helps the muscles inside the eyes to relax as your eyes focus in the distance. Take regular breaks during the day, but not by staring at your phone screen!

2 – Use eye drops

Staring at digital screens reduces the rate at which we blink. Blinking stimulates tear flow which keeps the surface of the eyes lubricated so reduced blinking can result in dry eye syndrome with symptoms of burning and grittiness. Mullers Optometrists keep a wide range of lubricants in stock and we can suggest the best one for you to use.

3 – Have an eye examination

Our constant use of digital screens places a huge demand on our visual systems. Strain is increased if a spectacle prescription is needed and even if you have great vision. We have options available to alleviate eye strain caused by digital devices.

The Zeiss Digital lens optimises the near zone in spectacle lenses by taking into account the angle and reading distances when using digital devices. This design optimally supports the eye muscles, therefore making it easier to focus in near and distance areas.

Modern light sources emit more blue light than we’ve ever experienced before. Many people find this light unpleasant and stressful because it adversely impacts our biorhythms and may even be dangerous for our eyes. A blue light filter in spectacle lenses such as the Zeiss DVP BlueProtect can provide you with more comfortable vision and less strain.

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