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Expert Low Vision Assessment

Expert Low Vision Assessment

What is Low Vision?

Low vision exists when your eyesight is permanently reduced to such a level that everyday visual tasks such as reading, writing or watching television become difficult to perform.


This low vision is caused by eye diseases such as Macular Degeneration, Retinitis Pigmentosa and Diabetic Retinopathy. These eye diseases cause permanent damage to areas of the retina resulting in small patches or “islands of vision” within the visual field. These residual windows of sight are utilised during vision rehabilitation.


How to Regain Sight?

Our Low Vision units are based at our Claremont and Tygervalley branches where a low vision assessment is performed. The optometrist determines which specialised magnifying devices and modern digital devices may be used to allow people to read small print again or watch TV – often something that they thought would not be possible!


See your Ophthalmologist to make sure he/she agrees that you are done with medical treatment and are ready for low vision assistance.

  • Make an appointment with our Low vision Optometrist at Claremont or Tygervalley for a low vision assessment.
  • Bring current pairs of spectacles and magnifiers along and be well-rested for the appointment.
  • Think about what your main goals are to improve your lifestyle for example cooking, reading, watching television etc.


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