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Comprehensive Eye Exams

Comprehensive Eye Exams

A specialist and holistic examination of all aspects of your vision going beyond a simple vision test. Your optometrist will then recommend a treatment plan, customised to your individual needs.



  • Assessment of the Lids, Lashes and Anterior Segment (front part of the eye)
  • Internal Eye Health Examination using direct and indirect Ophthalmoscopy and Fundus Photography
  • Tonometry (Measuring the pressure of the eye for Glaucoma screening)
  • Refraction – to determine the spectacle prescription
  • Contact Lens Assessment and Advice
  • Special Tests: Corneal Topography, Optical Coherence, Tomography (OCT), Visual Fields, Stereopsis, Colour Vision, Low and Binocular Vision Checks


If you are a new patient to Mullers Optometrists then it is a good idea to bring the following with you on the day of your eye examination:

  • Medical aid card/details
  • Current spectacles that you use most commonly
  • Details of current contact lens prescription and the lenses themselves.


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