130+ Years of Legacy

Timeless Vision™

Mullers Optometry is part of Cape Town’s optometry legacy. We are fortunate enough to have been the first carers of Capetonians’ eye more than 130 years ago.

What is Timeless?

A classic can only be qualified over time. Withstanding decades of change at a constant rate of improvement is what makes something truly timeless.

Mullers Optometry
Fashion Eyewear

Fashion Eyewear

Eyecare and fashion have something in common, they drive the sensibilities of people to appreciate the small meaningful things of everyday life. Be classic, be Timeless.

Mullers Optometry

Who We Are


The more vivid our vision the brighter our everyday moments.


Empower Capetonians with the gift of vivid vision so that they may see their dreams come to life in full brilliance.


For over a century, the Muller family has been enhancing Capetonians’ most precious moments by ensuring that our solutions go beyond expert optometry for personalised care that is defined by time-earned wisdom.


Shine Literacy

Giving Back

Mullers Optometrists are committed to quality eye care for all and have partnered with Shine Literacy for over 7 years.

Shine Literacy

Shine Literacy, with the help of many volunteers, partners with schools to assist children with reading, writing and speaking skills.

As vision is so important to a child’s learning process, if they cannot see or need to strain their eyes when reading then learning will just be that much harder for them.

Mullers Optometrists visit 5 Shine partner government schools in Cape Town during our annual “Shine Week”. We conduct free eye examinations and spectacles to all Grade 1 students as well as follow up eye examinations for all students up to Grade 7 who have received spectacles from us previously or who are flagged as possibly having eye problems by their teachers.

To find out more, volunteer or donate to Shine Literacy, click here.

Shine Literacy
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